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Katalog Stron on colourful
great image,exellent compo,bravo

Wil on sunset at Miyajima
Love it!:)

Wil on pink rose
Very nice! Rose in a perfect white background.. Keep it up! You have amazing shots!:)

Wil on red velvet

payamz on colourful
beautiful . . .

Volodia on after the rain 3
That's a great shot.

Eleftheria on colourful
Lovely colors!

raha on the last leaf
nice shot and good colors

Harvee on colourful
Beautiful colors - the importance of peace

rokhsana on colourful
beatiful and colorful

akarui on lanterns at Yushima Shrine
Beautiful light and ambiance.

akarui on pink plum blossoms
Beautiful flowers and bokeh.

Madeleine on colourful
Beautiful colors

Vinman on pink plum blossoms
We've missed your flower shots. Great composition and use of focus.

Vinman on a sign of spring
Welcome back! The buds are starting to appear on the trees here in the UK too.

kiji on colourful
A well done compo. Very colourful indeed!

Moridi on colourful
Good color and sequence. Thank you.

Laurie on colourful
Oh how interesting. Beautiful colors.

rokhsana on lanterns at Yushima Shrine
beatiful shot,i like the lights position in the picture

Mary on white blossoms
Just beautiful!!!

Madeleine on white blossoms
Beautiful! I am learning to use my Adobe Photo Shop, have a DVD to go with it, I will apply myself so I can use it ...

Madeleine on lanterns at Yushima Shrine
I like this shot, nice!

GJC on a branch of blossoms
This one is terrific! Such beautiful color and nice composition.

GJC on white blossoms
Delicate and lovely. Thanks for sharing.

kiji on white blossoms
Beautiful macro! Spring's coming.... YES!

Laurie on a branch of blossoms
So sweet and filled with promise.

Jen on pink plum blossoms
Beautiful dof and composition!

Batkoï on a branch of blossoms
i love this blue, nice contrast

Eleftheria on a branch of blossoms
Beautiful! Great colors too!

Raye Michele on a branch of blossoms
I think this one is just beautiful. Great focus. The background seems to hold that cold blue feel of winter and the ...

Anita on pink plum blossoms
VEry nice selective focus and curve of the flowers.

kiji on lanterns at Yushima Shrine
Happy to look at your photos again! Welcome back :)

Mary on pink plum blossoms
Beautiful!! Love your selective focus.

António Pires on sunset at Miyajima
Beautiful. Just beautiful.

Sharon on lanterns at Yushima Shrine
a very nice shot and the DOF is good....

GJC on lanterns at Yushima Shrine
Nice light and I like the DOF. Very Japanese!

Madeleine on pink plum blossoms
This is one of my favorite, so delicate and soft pink, great photo

Bookfool on pink plum blossoms
Things are blooming? Are you sneezing, yet? We've been going nuts; kiddo's had his bi-annual ...

GJC on pink plum blossoms
Simply beautiful. Good composition.

San G. on pink plum blossoms
Just beautiful! I love your use of depth of field and composition. The colors are so delicate!

Madeleine on ginkgo leaves
Beautiful leaves and photo shot

Madeleine on preparing for winter
Love this photo, also very interesting

Laurie on a sign of spring
So pretty. I cannot wait for the trees to bloom. We have to dig out from another snow storm today though.

Lesley on a sign of spring
Yay!! I'm glad you're back! This is such a lovely shot, Nat. I do hope you're right. It seems like ...

GJC on a sign of spring
Welcome back! I was beginning to think we'd have to do without your fine photos. Glad to see you back. A lovely ...

probob on a sign of spring
Very nice picture! I'm looking forward to take pictures of unfolding buttons, but it is still winter in ...

Anouk on a sign of spring
Beautiful flowers, I love them!

saint3 on Happy New Year
r those cherries?

Kiji on Happy New Year
Waiting for your come back... ;)

Arash on Happy New Year
the best shot for new year greeting!! I love it.

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